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Positive Virtual Management

Positive Virtual Management

Crown House, 123 Hagley Rd, Birmingham, B16 8LD

About Us

At Positive Virtual Management we offer specialised, outsourced virtual management of your Arthur Online property portfolio.

Whether you have your own property portfolio, or if you are a property manager or letting agent, if you use Arthur Online to manage properties, units and tenancies, let us put you in charge of your portfolio and help you earn real passive income.

We can connect your Arthur Online account to your favourite apps via Zapier to make your portfolio management as hands off as you desire.


  • Certified Arthur Partner

Services Provided

  • Creation of properties
  • Creation of units
  • Creation of tenancies
  • Inviting tenants to Arthur Online
  • Update and edit tenancies
  • Set up of recurring rent payments
  • Configuration of automatic alerts for late rent payment, expiring tenancies and expiring certificates
  • Sending of ASTs to tenants for electronic signature
  • Creation of workorders
  • Creation of custom reports
  • Connecting Arthur to Zapier
  • Uploading of documents and certificates
  • Creation of manual and recurring tasks
  • Creating tags


Positive Virtual Management has an office in 1 location

Crown House, 123 Hagley Rd,
Birmingham, B16 8LD