Arthur for Accountants

Arthur puts all property related financial transactions in one place including rents, contractor invoices, payments, agency fees, portal fees, and owners income. No more separate records that need to be linked, managed,compared and reconciled to produce accounts for property clients.
Arthur integrates with Xero and Quickbooks accounting software to sync transactions for up to date reporting and reconciliation. This makes it easy to see which properties and units are profitable, and any costs associated with them. Calculation of income from property, with all associated financial information available in one place, makes property accounting easier.

Why Accountants recommend and use Arthur?

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Arthur makes compiling accounts and reporting on financial matters for private landlords and property management businesses much easier, simpler, and quicker.

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What was typically a complicated admin heavy job working from spreadsheets and other notes can now be managed from one software that’s recording all financial details.

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Then there’s the ability to ‘add value’ to clients by recommending software that simplifies their own business systems and admin. 

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It also creates the option to offer new or other services managing and reporting on Property related income and property businesses.

Here’s just some of the
financial aspects of
property management
Arthur helps with

  • Track rent payments easily by unit
  • One place to reconcile all payments received
  • Automate late rent demands
  • Set recurring rent charges
  • Track and record deposit payments and refunds

Working with Arthur Online as an Accountant you can…

  • Offer your clients subscriptions to Arthur as part of a service agreement.
  • Offer additional training, education or information about financial and other property management matters in partnership with Arthur Online – our experts can host webinars, workshops and training sessions for your clients.
  • Attract new property owner and property business clients as part of a trusted adviser network advertised for Arthur Online users.
  • You can co-brand or collaborate on marketing Arthur Online to your clients.

What to do next!

Take a Tour

Watch a financial tour video of Arthur Online (key £ features)

Have a guided Demo with one of our team taking you through all the key financial features of Arthur Online

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