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A Year in Review: The Property Market Throughout a Pandemic

March marked a year since the UK first went into lockdown. In this ebook, we take a look at how the property industry has adapted to the challenges of operating in a pandemic, how property management software has helped and what the future may hold for the property market.

What's happened over the last 12 months

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Looking back on the year

In March 2020, the UK entered its first lockdown, as the government attempted to keep people indoors to stop the spread of COVID-19. It has now been over a year since the UK’s first lockdown, and the country is preparing to come out of its third national lockdown. Landlords, agents and tenants have had to adapt to unprecedented changes in the property industry. The pandemic has seen a rise in remote working, which has resulted in property owners turning to property management software and other technology to limit in person interactions. We look at what has changed as a result of the pandemic, as well as what the future may hold as restrictions ease. We discuss key market statistics, as well as how property management software has been an invaluable tool for landlords operating during the pandemic.

It has now been over a year since the country entered its first lockdown. In that time, landlords, agents and tenants have all had to adapt and adjust to a situation that has never been seen before.

Marc Trup CEO, Arthur,

Although we hope that the third lockdown is our last, it is crucial to ensure that those operating in the industry are fully prepared for what the future may hold. By reminding ourselves of what has happened over the course of the pandemic, as well as the methods used to help comply with social distancing guidelines, such as using property management software to limit in-person interactions, we can ensure that we are better equipped to handle what’s to come.”