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Access to all aspects of their tenancy, including documentation and property information

Peace of Mind

The ability to track a raised issue


View files and share them with the property manager


Improved flow of information ensuring transparency and efficiency


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In the world of ‘Generation Rent’, property managers now need something to make them stand out. By offering technology to your tenants, you are not only making your life easier, but you are incentivising them to stay. Now that competition for good tenants is so high, retaining a tenant cannot be overlooked!


Easy to understand statements can help smooth a fractious area of the relationship


An audit trail is left for both parties


Use our open API to link your Arthur financials to accounting companies and credit rating companies


Personalise the colours of the app to reflect your business

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For Enterprise customers, Arthur offers the ability to have your own personal app. This app would sit on app stores, with your companies branding and only have the functionality you want.

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