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If you have clients who manage property – provide them an all in one service with this comprehensive property management solution

“Becoming an Arthur accredited advisor has helped me deepen my relationship with my clients, making me the ‘go to’ person for helping with their property management needs.”

  • Help your clients manage their properties more effectively

  • Improve your clients financials and business processes

  • Easy access to all your client accounts and relevant details

  • Provide a unique and beneficial add-on service to your clients


What is an Arthur accredited Advisor?

Advisors have in-depth specialist knowledge of how best to use Arthur property management software in a wide range of situations. You’ll be able to help your clients manage their properties with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency. Nuisances such as late payments by tenants and missed appointments by contractors can be significantly reduced – giving you a great deal of kudos in the eyes of your property clients.

Why become an Advisor?

As an accredited Advisor, you’ll be able to offer your clients additional services that will help cement your relationship with them. Shopping around for service providers is a common feature of today’s business world. It’s also a fact that it is more expensive and time-consuming to bring on board a new client than it is to retain an existing client. So being able to offer your clients useful services and solutions they can’t get elsewhere will be a real benefit for your business.

As well as this, once you become accredited, you’ll be featured in our Advisor directory, giving you acccess to a new set of warm prospects who are already in the market for the service.

Who should become an Advisor?

The types of business who do best as Arthur property management software Advisors are accountants, bookkeepers and virtual managers. Being able to integrate your existing knowledge of accounting, finance and the property market with Arthur’s specialist systems and solutions will open up a whole new set of potential clients for your business.

Should I Charge Extra for the Service?

Many of our Advisors offer the service to their clients without additional charge, as an additional benefit for dealing with them. Others will upsell the service as an extra – leading to extra revenue. It’s entirely up to you.

What’s Involved in Becoming an Advisor?

We provide regular one day training courses for new Advisors, during which you’ll learn everything you need to know to offer this sophisticated, cloud-based property management solution to your clients. Then all you need to do is pass our test and you’ll be ready to be an Arthur property management software Advisor!


Become an Advisor