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Version 3.1.3

Version 3.1.3

Arthur Online is happy to announce its integration with QuickBooks accounting software.

Whilst Arthur offers an end-to-end property management solution, we understand that there are certain things we do not do. One of these is full business accounting. To that end, we decided to work with the world’s most popular cloud accounting software: QuickBooks. QuickBooks offers a full accounting solution for everything from tax returns, payroll and business expenses. By integrating with QuickBooks accounting software, users are able to handle all their financials in one place in real time thanks to QuickBook’s live bank feed.

The Arthur and QuickBooks integration means that double entry is a thing of the past. The two systems work in collaboration with each other, with Arthur sending invoices one way and QuickBooks sending receipts the other; simply match the two together and carry on. The passing of information is seamless.

Why did Arthur Online choose QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the most popular cloud accounting software in the world and it’s no surprise. For those working with their own small, private portfolio, QuickBooks offers a simple, easy to user interface, meaning you are able to ensure your finances are correct, even if you don’t have an accounting degree! For those with bigger portfolio’s, accountants and bookkeepers can easily complete reconciliations, move fees around and update your business financials in real time, from anywhere thanks to it being based on the cloud. Furthermore, if you have a in-depth knowledge of the system, you can even personalise it to each client.

Much like Arthur, QuickBooks offers a connected solution. This means that you can bring all of your favourite software together. For example, use GoCardless to claim your tenants rent, use QuickBook’s to match the receipt to Arthur’s charge and then have Arthur send a confirmation message to the tenant saying the money has been received. Integrated software is the direction the world is moving in and you need to be part of it.

To learn more about the integration with QuickBooks, schedule some time with our team

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