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Arthur Online: Property Investor Podcast #2

Arthur News, Industry Insight June 12th, 2016
Arthur Online: Property Investor Podcast #2

Arthur co-founder, David Cummin, discusses Arthur, Proptech, and the future with Property Investor in a new podcast.

Please listen to our new podcast with Property Investor. One of our co-founders, David Cummin, was offered the opportunity to discuss Arthur with Anna Harper, the host of Property Investor Podcasts. All our followers can find the half-hour podcast here.

In the podcast, they consider a wide range of topics related to Arthur. David begins by discussing the background of Arthur as a creation from his own need – along with the other co-founders – to log tenant issues on a mobile platform. Soon, Arthur had been established as part of a 3-year project to create the perfect software to solve the problem faced by property owners.

David also discusses the origin of the Arthur name, which is meant to denote the servile nature of a butler called “Arthur” – always willing to help others. It represents the dependable element of Arthur and also fitted the search criteria to be alphabetically high up.

Next, David explores his own background along with that of the other Arthur co-founders. While they all had different backgrounds in employment, they were all linked by their interest and investments in the property market. All found they had similar problems with running a large property portfolio, and united to find a new solution. All share a passion for Arthur and are excited by the prospects of growth over the forthcoming years.

David explains his motivations for being so passionate about Arthur, stating that the aim is to have a vibrant and large user base, particularly within the rental market which is currently undergoing a transition from bricks and mortar estate agencies into tech.

For those interested in the entrepreneurial origins of Arthur, David and Anna discuss the different revenue streams for Arthur, which varies from subscription fees from landlords and contractors, to the add-on fees from optional extras. Finally, the pair discuss the future of the proptech market, a sector which is still extremely new. David believes that it will see huge growth as the current dominance of Estate Agencies is gradually eroded as people seek cheaper, personalised, on-the-go mobile solutions. However, David also believes that potential lucrative gains of this sector could mean that some internal incumbent market leaders will seek to enter the proptech market and compete with Arthur.

All in all, David’s discussion with Anna is a great way for property investors to understand Arthur, proptech, and explore the background of the entrepreneurial team that founded Arthur.

The podcast is available on Soundcloud, Apple iTunes, Stitcher. It is also available to download for no additional cost! Check it out here.


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