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Arthur Pleased to Present at UKLAP 2016

Arthur News March 19th, 2016
Arthur Pleased to Present at UKLAP 2016

Arthur were pleased to be involved with the UKLAP Conference, as 2016 continues to be a great year for Arthur, as we sponsored the UKLAP (UK Landlord Accreditation Partnership) flagship conference and awards ceremony. “Your Investment & Law” returned for their third edition on the evening of Friday, 18th March 2016. It was a great event all round, with some interesting insights into the current climate of the Capital’s property market.

The UKLAP is a conference and awards ceremony for landlords and agents who have helped provided and improve some of the capital’s vital private sector housing stock. Some awards offered include:

  • Best Landlord Services (Local Authorities and not-for-profit_
  • Best Small Landlord (1-20 properties)
  • Best Letting Agent of the Year
  • Best Services Provides
  • Overall Best Landlord of the Year
  • Green Landlord of the Year

Whether you win an award or not, the UKLAP also provides a multitude of experts and professionals from the property sector. Some of the speakers from last night’s event included Kate Faulkner (Writer and Leading Property expert), Gordon Fo (Specialist Tax Partner) and David Smith (Legal partner and specialist in Landlord & Tenant Law). Moreover, it provides invaluable networking opportunities with the PRS community. Find out more about the UKLAP and any other future events by visiting their website.

Arthur are proud to be involved with great events like these and we are confident that we will be sponsoring more in the near future. Networking, awards, and presentations all help to improve people’s property portfolios, just like our software. Communication in real-life creates opportunities, communication in software creates efficiency. Arthur can provide both.

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