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We are now a listing partner for Facebook Marketplace

Arthur News, Industry Insight March 10th, 2020
We are now a listing partner for Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace, launched in 2016, attracts millions of visitors each month who are looking to discover, buy and sell items in their local areas. With their property listing feature, you can leverage this community to reach tenants where they already are.


Perhaps the most appealing benefit of using Facebook Marketplace is that, unlike many other online portals, Marketplace is completely free to use, so you can sit back and watch the tenancy requests roll in.

Advertising rental properties on the portal gives you the opportunity to reach an additional audience of a growing number of Facebook users who are highly motivated to find their next homes to rent. 

Prospective tenants can use a variety of filters to search for your property including rental type, price per month, number of bedrooms, etc. They can then easily get in touch by sending a message on Messenger or filling out a simple contact form with their details, which you can then use to contact them. 

To ensure a better experience for everyone, Facebook also provides Marketplace buyers and sellers with official Community Standards and best practices which detail how to interact safely with others on Marketplace. 

Integration with Arthur

No matter what your portfolio type, whether it’s student, private, social, commercial or agency, you can benefit from Arthur’s brand new, simple to use, free integration with Marketplace. 

The integration with Arthur enables you to get your units in front of a fast-growing, active audience at no extra cost, allowing you to capture leads and connect with new tenants.

As a listing partner for Facebook Marketplace, with Arthur, whenever one of your properties is marked as available to let (either as a vacant unit or when a current tenancy is coming to an end) we have the functionality to automatically push the property to Facebook Marketplace. 

If you have already set up your portfolio to link to other portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, the Facebook Marketplace integration can be activated at the simple click of a button. 

Our team of experts are on hand to assist you with the set up, making the whole process as smooth and seamless as possible!

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