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Perfect Time to Use Arthur as London Needs 9000 Extra Workers to Cope with Rising Demand in Construction Industry

Arthur News August 7th, 2014
Perfect Time to Use Arthur as London Needs 9000 Extra Workers to Cope with Rising Demand in Construction Industry

The capital needs an extra 9000 carpenters, plasterers and roofers to cope with the rise in construction and the recovery of the construction market over the next five years. Make sure that you are easily accessible to people requiring your expertise by using Arthur’s web-based property management software.

This is according to the Construction Industry Training Board’s latest figures. The figures predict that there will be an annual shortfall of 1790 workers a year to 2019.

The shortfall is partly due to the recent recession, with builders having been made redundant, and therefore forced out of the construction industry. With housebuilding on the rise, the CITB are looking to encourage the previously unemployed workers back into the profession.

Janette Welton-Pai, the CITB’s Greater London Manager, said, “Ensuring that we have the workforce required will still prove a major challenge for industry.

“Many employers are already struggling to source the skilled employees they need to carry out work and unless they plan effectively now the problem will persist into the medium and longer term.”

London’s industry growth is expected to be 3.7% a year over the next five years, making it the highest across the UK. This can be explained by projects such as Westfield’s £1 billion expansion of Shepherd’s Bush shopping centre.

With so many tradesmen asking “how do I get more work?” and with articles like this, it can leave them feeling confused. What they should be asking instead is, “how can I be easily connected with people requiring my skills?”

The answer to this is simple. Use Arthur. Arthur connects you with hundreds of experts, all needing your services. What’s more, the software is designed to cut phone calls, emails and hassle for contractors, leaving you more time to get the job done to the highest standard.

If you are a contractor, tradesman or woman that wants more work. Arthur can help you. Register today and get your first six months for free!

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