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Xero Integration Webinar – Beautiful Accounting Software meets Property Management

Xero Integration Webinar – Beautiful Accounting Software meets Property Management

An introduction to Arthur’s integration with Xero Accounting

Co-Founder David Cummin will be giving a Webinar as part of Xero’s Summer of Apps on Wednesday 10th of August! Register for free to see how beautifully these software’s connect.

Why Arthur believes in Xero integration?

Arthur is a ‘first of its kind’ powerful property management, maintenance and communication tool. Arthur brings together, in one place, property managers, tenants, contractors, agents and owners.

Available as an app and website, Arthur is accessible anywhere at any time giving owners and managers complete freedom and flexibility in how they manage properties.

Arthur charges rents, collects commissions and can create exceptional charges which is ideal particularly where sharers are involved. It is a perfect feed for Xero in this respect as it can handle unusual charging schedules for sharers, students, HMO’s and social housing.

Xero is a powerful and simple to use accounting package with an automated bank feed function. This will literally transform how you can reconcile your rent roll. To get the true benefit of the integration, Xero should be configured to encompass all aspects of your property company. This isn’t just tenant and property owner transactions (such as remittances and rent demands), but all aspects of the company such as loans, mortgages and building/refurb costs. General administration costs, payroll costs (if applicable) and credit card bills can all be included if required. In effect, Xero should be setup so that you can produce a complete set of accounts for your company.

What you can achieve using them together

The integration with Xero is a ‘best of breed’ approach to ensure powerful and comprehensive accounting. This is combined with exceptional property management functions right from your mobile app, through to the back office, allowing you to produce powerful financial reports and forecasting. The online bank feed function in Xero empowers you to get from the bank statement to the property owner statement, effortlessly, accurately and quickly.

Upcoming events

On Wednesday 10th August one of Arthur’s co-founders, David Cummin, will be giving a live Webinar as part of Xero’s Summer of Apps. Here you will be able to see how easily the two software’s fit together and truly understand the power of the integration.

The webinar is free of charge, sign up!

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