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Why you should become an Arthur accredited adviser

Arthur News May 27th, 2020
Why you should become an Arthur accredited adviser

If you are an accountant, bookkeeper or virtual manager who has clients that manage property portfolios, increase the value of what you offer to your clients and expand your business by becoming an Arthur accredited adviser.

Being able to integrate your existing knowledge of accounting, finance and the property market with Arthur’s specialist systems and solutions will open up a whole new set of potential clients for your business.


What is Arthur?

Arthur is the only property management platform that’s fully integrated with both Xero and Quickbooks.These integrations sync transactions for up to date reporting and reconciliation. This makes it easy to see which properties and units are profitable, and any costs associated with them. 

“I only use Xero as it allows powerful automation, and Arthur is by far the best Xero integration I’ve seen.” Carrie Stokes – CEO, Carrie Stokes Ltd

With Arthur, all property-related financial transactions in one place including rents, contractor invoices, payments, agency fees, portal fees, and owners income. No more separate records that need to be linked, managed, compared and reconciled to produce accounts for property clients.

“The synchronisation of data is key to helping us manage client accounts. We also love the reporting – it’s fully flexible and easy to use, clients are often impressed with the level of detail and clarity.” – Julie Barker, Director, Positive Accounting Ltd


What is an Arthur accredited adviser? 

Accredited advisers have in-depth specialist knowledge of how best to use Arthur property management software in a wide range of financial situations. You’ll be able to help your clients manage their properties with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. 


Why become an adviser?

As an accredited adviser, you’ll be able to offer your clients additional services that will help cement your relationship with them. Shopping around for service providers is a common feature of today’s business world. 

You can save both you and clients valuable time by moving them from decentralised and outdated systems to Arthur’s financial management solution. 

By using Arthur, nuisances such as late payments by tenants and missed appointments by contractors can be significantly reduced – giving you a great deal of kudos in the eyes of your property clients.

“Arthur has saved us and our clients countless hours that would have been spent on reconciliation, general paperwork and reporting.” – Carrie Stokes, CEO, Carrie Stokes Ltd

Being able to offer your clients useful services and solutions they can’t get elsewhere will help you retain your clients and be a real benefit for your business.

As well as this, once you become accredited, you’ll be featured in our Adviser Directory, giving you access to a new set of warm prospects who are already in the market for the service, allowing you to grow your business.

We offer accredited accountants the opportunity to host webinars to our client base, giving you access to new potential clients and work while demonstrating your finance expertise. In addition to this, you can also write a blog that will be featured on our blog page to get your brand in front of a new audience.

“Our business has almost tripled since we started using Arthur. The team have actively promoted our services to thousands of property managers. These property managers really value having financial advisers with expertise in the specific management software they are using.” – Julie Barker, Director, Positive Accounting Ltd


How do I become an adviser?

We provide regular one-day training courses for new advisers, during which you’ll learn everything you need to know to offer this sophisticated, cloud-based property management solution to your clients. Then all you need to do is pass our test and you’ll be ready to be an Arthur property management software adviser.

Click here to become an adviser!

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