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How to work from home productively as a property manager

COVID-19, Industry Insight March 31st, 2020
How to work from home productively as a property manager

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, the government announced that companies and their employees should work from home where possible. 

For property managers, this can make many aspects of the job difficult. It is therefore important that you are making sure each day is as productive as possible. However, it can be hard to work effectively when you are in a space that is used for both living and working, so we have compiled a list of tips property managers for working from home productively. 


Establish a morning routine

It may be tempting to wake up 15 minutes before your workday starts, but it is extremely beneficial to wake up as if you were still going to the office. While your commute may only be a short trip from your bedroom to the living room, it is usually the time you wake up and prepare yourself for the day of work ahead so it is a vital part of the day to replicate. Whether it’s making a cup of coffee, having a shower or getting dressed, establish a morning routine to set yourself up for a productive day of working. 


Plan and structure your day

Before you start working, ensure that you have planned your day. Write a to-do list with a schedule of what you should be doing throughout the day. Know which tenants and owners you need to speak to or focus on. By setting intentions your chances of being productive increase. Only set yourself achievable goals though. Being overly ambitious can leave you with unfinished tasks at the end of the day and can be extremely demotivating which can create a negative mindset for the next day.


Have a dedicated office space 

Even though you are in the same place as you are living it is important to have a distinction between work hours and the rest of the day. If you’re working somewhere associated with leisure activities, like the sofa or your bedroom, it can be hard for your brain to get into work-mode. Conversely, it can also ruin your downtime when you associate where you relax with where you have to work. Having a dedicated, clutter-free workspace, therefore, offers you separation between your home and work life. 


Utilise new technology solutions

With many digital solutions available, it is likely that your company has adopted new software to be able to continue to manage properties. Make sure you take the time to understand these tech solutions as they will make working from home and keeping in touch with your team a lot easier. Here are some examples that are extremely beneficial for remote property management (all available on Arthur):

Cloud-based software

Having a cloud-based solution allows you and your team to access the key data and documents needed from anywhere. 

Digital contracts 

To minimise human contact, send contracts digitally with a digital signature functionality.

Video viewings

Following social distancing advice, agencies and property managers are now conducting virtual viewings. Arrange these viewings through the Arthur platform.

Digital communication

With our bespoke apps for tenants, contractors, owners and managers, communicating digitally is simple.  


Take regular breaks

While it is important to stick to your work hours, that doesn’t mean you can’t take any breaks. A person can only concentrate for so long and if you are spending long periods constantly working then the likelihood is that you aren’t being as productive as you could be. Take breaks to make a cup of tea or check your phone and give your brain a chance to rest before you dive back in. 


Remove distractions

Your home undoubtedly contains a lot of distractions compared to the office and without being under the watchful eye of your manager it can be tempting to succumb and procrastinate. If you can’t resist the temptation then remove these distractions from your designated workspace. Only allow yourself to look at social media, for example, during your preplanned breaks. This will boost your productivity when you are doing work and make your breaks more enjoyable.


Maintain good communication

One of the main challenges of working from home is that communication is much more difficult. You need to make sure that you are still communicating with your tenants, contractors and team as much as possible digitally to ensure you are all on the same page. It may even be necessary to up your communication to compensate for not being there in person. 


Establish an end of day routine

Just like the morning, it is important to follow an end of day routine to establish a distinction between your working day and your downtime despite being in the same space. Instead of just getting up and leaving your workspace, tidy up your stuff and make sure it is ready for the next day. This will start your next day off right and encourage productivity.

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