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Natwest Content Live

Buying a property in Italy
Natwest Content Live April 24th, 2019

Buying a property in Italy

Fabulous food, stunning scenery and wonderful weather – Italy is a great country to own a second home, but where do you begin when buying a place there?

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House rules
Natwest Content Live April 24th, 2019

House rules

Under permitted development rules, homeowners can improve and expand their properties, but before you book the builder, it’s wise to check that the work you have in mind is lawful.

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Leadership lessons: asking for feedback
Natwest Content Live April 18th, 2019

Leadership lessons: asking for feedback

Honest feedback can save a business, but SME owners who fail to seek out and listen to comments about their business miss out on the opportunities and solutions it provides....

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Six newsletters worth subscribing to
Natwest Content Live October 30th, 2018

Six newsletters worth subscribing to

Wading through the inbox can feel like a never-ending chore, so it’s always helpful to discover something that’s actually worth reading. Business owners and experts reveal the newsletters they genuinely...

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