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Arthur Pleased to be Recommended in ‘Your Property Network’

Arthur News, Industry Insight February 2nd, 2016
Arthur Pleased to be Recommended in ‘Your Property Network’

Arthur proud to be featured in a recent article in property publication ‘Your Property Network’.


Just last week, Arthur found we had been mentioned in an article from a property investor who found that Arthur provided a highly useful service for their requirements. In the article, the interviewed asked how the investor was able to manage their portfolio in relation to living away from their portfolio. The question goes as follows:

Your Property Network: How far is Stoke-on-Trent from where you work? Do you spend a lot of time on the road?

Property Investor: I spent about five years at a submarine base in Scotland and was moved down to Plymouth towards the end of 2015. I work funny patterns – for example, I can work two weeks on and two weeks off, or at other times can be away for a couple of months at a time. Being away from home so much has forced me to systemise the business so that I can run it without being there. I have a good management system and also now have a guy on the ground who effectively acts as my property manager. The business is fully automated through using Arthur Online, a great piece of software, which is synced to my Xero accountancy software so I can now see when tenants have not paid rent – Arthur sends them a reminder message. I am also totally paperless now, and can do all the application forms and tenancy agreements online; signatures are all legal using this software. (If anyone would like to help take their business digital, please get in touch as I am happy to give people interactive lessons.)

Arthur can provide all the services needed for property owners, property investors, managers, and letting agents. We also wish to remind people that we pride ourselves upon our service. The huge amount of positive reviews and feedback for our product and service only supports this further.

Come and try Arthur yourselves, with a free 30 day trial now! See what all the fuss is about!


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