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What are the best free tools and applications out there for landlords?

Industry Insight March 1st, 2019
What are the best free tools and applications out there for landlords?

Online tools and applications are continuing to provide an alternative way for landlords to carry out their daily tasks. With home ownership decreasing, especially amongst younger people, tools and applications can help landlords take advantage of the growing tenant population and streamline their workload by providing support with:

  1. Buying properties
  2. Dealing with tenants
  3. Handling finances

With so many to choose from it’s difficult to separate the useful from the useless. Here are our picks of the best free applications and tools that make property management easier.

Buying Properties


Internet speeds and mobile reception can be deal breakers, especially for the growing population for younger tenants. Speedsmart allows you to accurately measure internet speed across all devices with access to a web browser. You can easily do this whilst on-the-go and looking for potential properties to buy.

With Digital Trends providing a glowing review for the app it seems to perfectly suit the requirements of landlords needing to quickly check the connectivity of a property. Using Speedsmart can reveal any hidden costs that may be needed to repair any broken connections in a property before a bid has even been put in.


Already a very popular consumer app, AroundMe provides a comprehensive source of information regarding local attractions and services, perfect for assessing the quality of the area you’re thinking of buying in. Whilst the apps use might not be immediately obvious to landlords, it can prove to be vital when identifying if a property fits in with your portfolio.

Landlords predominately renting to students may find value looking at properties located nears bars and pubs whereas those focused on families may be better served at looking at local schools and transport services. AroundMe give you all this information in one place.

Dealing with Tenants

Finding good tenants and keeping them happy is arguably the most important part of being landlord. However, dealing with bad tenants and evicting them is one of the many perils of the job that all landlords need to be able to handle.


RentalStep is an online platform that unites tenants and landlords under one app. Tenants can use the platform to build a Tenant Passport that shows their rental history and they can even build their credit score due to the platform’s link with Experian. Landlords can use the application as a tenant finding platform, ensuring that they only attract the highest quality tenants, sifting out all the late paying and destructive tenants who can cause so much trouble. With the app having won the Start-Up Series Competition in 2017 and receiving £150,000 in funding it seems likely to gain popularity and increase its reach amongst tenants and landlords alike.

Legal for Landlords

Laws on eviction are ever changing, including your rights as a landlord, the rights of tenants and the processes that you need to follow in order to enforce an eviction. Legal for Landlords offers free over the phone advice on what steps to take as well as free pre-court action letters. There are a number of services that will offer you similar advice however with Legal for Landlords having a 9.5 Trustpilot rating and a number of landlord endorsements it seems to stand out amongst its peers.

Handling your Finances

Finance related to properties can be daunting. Landlords must consider property prices, rental yields, mortgages, and a whole host of other complex financial information. Finding the correct online calculators can reduce time spent working out these values manually.

Rent Calculator

One of the biggest conundrums experienced by landlords is determining a fair rental price for a property.

Rentometer’s Rent Calculator helps you do this by asking you to input property address, the rent you are charging and the number of occupants. It will then compare your data with that of other rental properties in your area and then will give you an idea of how reasonable your rate is. It is the perfect feature to use for any of your properties which are struggling to find tenants.

Buy to Let Mortgage Calculator

This is a must have for any landlord. The calculator simply asks you to enter a few factors such as the property value and rental yield and it will give you an instant quote, so you know exactly what kind of costs you will be paying. It can even help you find the best deal for yourself if you have a play around with a few of the variables.

There are a wealth of tools and apps out there for landlords to use however it’s important to note that some are just more useful than others. The paid options are not always the best and you can find some extremely useful solutions for free. As the number of landlord tools and apps increase the opportunity to manage your time more effectively will also increase. Taking a dive and looking into these online solutions now can give you that little edge over the competition and help you become the landlord you always wanted to be.

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