‘Consider-Rate’ Scheme Shares Arthur’s Aim of Increasing Transparency in the Rental Market

Industry Insight July 14th, 2014
‘Consider-Rate’ Scheme Shares Arthur’s Aim of Increasing Transparency in the Rental Market

Leeds Council and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) have given their backing for the new ‘Consider-Rate’ scheme designed to improve transparency in the rental market.

What is the scheme?

The scheme originates from the desire of letting agents, landlords and tenants to create a rating system that will help improve decision-making in the rental process. The scheme also supports Leeds’ Landlord Accreditation Scheme.

‘Consider-Rate’ aims to build a database of landlords, letting agents and tenants whose previous rental performance is known, allowing parties to compare their performance and try to improve.

Tim Gorton, a Director of Consider-Rate said, “We developed Consider-rate after our experiences in the lettings industry, after realising that all rental parties have at some time been ‘stung’ by experience; by bad landlords, untrustworthy letting agents or non-paying/destructive tenants.

“The majority of tenants, landlords and letting agents are actually trying to do a good job – it’s actually those people that Consider-Rate is aiming to bring together – we want to minimise their risk through known performance.”

How does the scheme work?

Tenants can build their own digital CV that provides information on their rental history, increasing their appeal to landlords and letting agents.

On the other foot, landlords and letting agents have the chance to demonstrate that their service is efficient, improving their status and business.

The RLA’s CEO, Andrew Goodacre, said, “A two-way rating system such as this provides transparency for all parties to make more informed decisions about who they want to do business with.”

Arthur, the number one property management software on the market, endorses ‘Consider-Rate’, as our software shares its aim of making the property industry transparent and fair for all parties involved.

Arthur does this through connecting everyone via their own identifiable interface; everything happens in real-time, increasing transparency and equality in the rental market.

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