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Contractors: Get Organised and Get More Work by Protecting Your Workforce

Industry Insight June 26th, 2014
Contractors: Get Organised and Get More Work by Protecting Your Workforce

The Health and Safety Executive’s recent research has sparked renewed interest in the protection of workforces in the construction industry. With the construction sector on the rise, make sure that you are following the correct rules and regulations in your business in order to get more work.

The HSE’s research picked up on a correlation between more work being available and more deaths and injuries, as some companies may rush to complete jobs in order to move on to the next. They say that over 60% of fatal injuries in the construction industry involve falls from ladders, scaffolds, working platforms, roof edges and falls through fragile roofs.

A key part of staying safe at work is to wear suitable protective clothing, such as hard hats, gloves and protection for your eyes. Construction companies should also reduce the risk of falling objects by using tool lanyards. It is the responsibility of site managers to prevent the risk of injury, or else they could face having to fork out for personal injury payments.

As well as being vigilant with protective clothing and tool lanyards, site managers should invest in the latest products that are fitted with up-to-date safety features to minimise accidents onsite. It is integral for contractors to plan, manage and monitor their construction work through informing their workforce, for example by providing training on equipment and making sure that they are fully aware of all risks involved.

If the public can see that your workforce is protected and that you encourage a safe working environment, you will find yourself being recommended to others and getting more work.

Organisation, then, is clearly the key to success in the construction sector. Luckily for you, Arthur is here to help you get organised.

Our web based property management software enables you to become visible to property managers, letting agents, landlords and tenants who are seeking contractors every day. For just £2.50 per job accepted, and £7.99 per month, your business can be revolutionised in terms of increased workload and efficiency.

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