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Contractors to Get More Work as Landlords are Urged to Check Gas Safety

Industry Insight July 15th, 2014
Contractors to Get More Work as Landlords are Urged to Check Gas Safety

Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the risks tenants face due to malfunctioning and illegal appliances.

According to Britain’s official gas safety authority, the Gas Safe Register, over a fifth of the 43,000 private rental sector properties that were analysed last year were unsafe, and in danger of causing a fire or leaking carbon monoxide.

A high level of carbon monoxide in a property affects both tenants and landlords. Besides being a threat to tenants’ health and safety, it can also have negative legal and financial consequences for landlords.

This was the case with a Luton investor who got 150 hours of community service, a £5,000 fine, costs of £10,000 and a suspended prison sentence, all because a tenant reported to the National Grid his concerns about his boiler leaking gas.

As recommended by LetRisks, landlords should make sure all installations, maintenance and safety checks are conducted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Moreover, despite tenants’ responsibility to be safety conscious, landlords should verify tenants’ awareness of emergency procedures and their agreement to any gas safety checks conducted.

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