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Home Security of Vital Importance this Holiday Season

Holiday Lets August 29th, 2014
Home Security of Vital Importance this Holiday Season

July, August and September are peak holiday months for Brits, with families heading away in the earlier summer months and young professionals choosing to go away when the schools are back in.

However, unfortunately, whilst the summer months offer the chance for many Brits to take a well-deserved break, the empty properties they leave behind open holidaymakers up to the threat of being burgled.

Homeowners and tenants alike leaving their properties vacant for 1 to 2 weeks at a time mean that landlords and tenants need to ensure that they are taking the right precautions and that landlords are renting out secure properties.

43% of all burglaries take place when a residence is unoccupied, meaning summer holidays are prime opportunities for burglars. In addition to this, roughly 20% of household burglaries occur due to access through an unsecure window or door.

For tenant’s security, and for their own peace of mind, it is vital that landlords maintain the security of their properties, by having secure window fittings and doors with functioning, secure locks. And as landlords seek contractors to carry out such maintenance jobs, tradesmen looking for work should make sure they are in a position to connect with landlords looking for their help.

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