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Check out Arthur’s pick of London’s best parks!

Industry Insight May 3rd, 2017
Check out Arthur’s pick of London’s best parks!

Arthur gives you the lowdown on the top 5 London parks and why they’ve made our shortlist!

With the weather about to pick up towards the end of the week, what better time to write a blog about London’s best parks?! We hope giving this a quick read inspires you to go out for a stroll this coming weekend!

1.Richmond Park

Richmond Park is sometimes somewhat overlooked when it comes to London parks, seeing as it is a little out of ‘town’… but it really shouldn’t be! If possible, it’s best to drive there since the park itself is huge – the largest of the capitals eight royal parks – and it boasts an array of easily accessible car parks depending on which area you fancy exploring. The park itself is a National Nature Reserve and a European Special Area of Conservation, plus it’s home to herds of beautiful deer. You really do feel like you’re in the wilderness at times, so go on…. get yourself out the confines of the city! What are you waiting for?!

2.Battersea Park

Often considered to be one of London’s most interesting parks, Battersea hosts a lot of variety and offers a range of activities such as: boating on the lake, fishing, the children’s zoo, and the amazing adventure playground. It’s also very popular with joggers because it’s really flat… so, why not change up where you go for your morning jog this weekend and explore Battersea Park on your way?

3.Kensington Gardens

This gorgeous Royal park just had to make our shortlist! Situated in central London and home to Kensington Palace, the Diana Princess of Wales memorial playground, the Albert Memorial and the Peter Pan statue, this park makes the perfect setting for a weekend picnic spent basking in the sunshine on the lush grassy banks.

4.Hampstead Heath

Just a few miles from that central London buzz, Hampstead Heath is considerably tranquil. Arthur recommends heading to the top of Parliament Hill to catch a lovely view of the sunset over the city. If you’re feeling daring, Hampstead Heath is famous for its open-air swimming facilities in the ‘Bathing Ponds’ and Parliament Lido. Fancy taking a dip?

5.Hyde Park

How could this list be complete without the addition of London’s one and only, Hyde Park..? A favourite among tourists, yes. But we can see why! Like Kensington gardens its home to an array of interesting historical monuments, such as the Archiles statue, the Serpentine Bridge and the Joy of Life fountain. It hosts open-air events all year round and ice skating from November to January every year, so keep your eyes peeled to see what’s on in the coming summer months!

Which of London’s parks is your favourite?!

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