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New ‘How to Rent’ Guide Launched to Help Private Rented Sector Tenants Know Their Rights

Industry Insight July 4th, 2014
New ‘How to Rent’ Guide Launched to Help Private Rented Sector Tenants Know Their Rights

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins has launched a new ‘How to rent’ guide that will allow private rented sector tenants to easily know and understand their rental rights. According to Mr Hopkins, providing a new generation of tenants with easy access to useful and understandable information would help to abolish rogue landlords, and raise the game of any landlords who don’t know what is expected of them.

The ‘How to rent’ guide can be viewed on-the-move on smartphones or tablets and includes:

– advice and information on tenancy deposit schemes, bill payments and tenancy length;

– a checklist of what the landlord must provide tenants with, including gas certificates and deposit paperwork;

– information on the requirements of the landlord, including the responsibility to maintain the structure of the property and give tenants at least 24 hours’ notice before entering the property;

– the legal requirements for landlords and tenants on ending tenancies and returning deposits

Plans to require all letting agents to publish a full tariff of their fees, both on their websites and in their offices, were also confirmed by the government. Anyone who does not act in accordance with these new rules will face a much stricter financial penalty than the one that currently exists.

Such measures were introduced with the aim of bringing transparency and fairness to the rental sector. They will also ensure that England’s 9 million tenants are able to protect themselves from scams and unfair treatments, without having to introduce a stricter regulation.

Transparency, as our director Marc Trup explained yesterday to Pinnacle Letting Agents at Cardiff’s first Landlord and Letting Show, is one of the most important values here at Arthur Online.

Our online property management software allows tenants, landlords and everyone else involved in the process to easily communicate with each other, access all documents at any time from their phones or computers and stay constantly informed about what has been happening. If you are a property manager, property owner, landlord or letting agent, your business will save time and money by using Arthur. Try out the free Arthur Demo today to see how!

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