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Making the most of your outdoor space

Industry Insight September 14th, 2016
Making the most of your outdoor space

Arthur takes a look at how landlords and tenants can make the most of the outdoor space they have, however limited, without breaking the bank.

Outdoor space is at a premium in inner city homes. Therefore, surely it makes sense for landlords to really sell the space? Potential tenants will be willing to pay more if they could get their hands on a well-kept balcony, patio or even the elusive…roof garden! Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank for landlords, or tenants looking to spruce the place up a little bit.


The first thing to look at is the quality of the floor in the space. if you have a patio, consider pressure washing it before viewings start.
This will make the area look new and fresh. For concrete floors, there are a few options. First, consider stencilling a design onto the floor, giving an individual feel. Next, consider investing in some outdoor wooden floor tiling or some fake grass. Both of these are very cheap and easy to install and will lighten the space, giving it a nice organic feel and hide the concrete. If anything doesn’t fit into the space properly, just add some pebbles round the sides to give a finished feel.


First of all, make sure they are clean and freshly painted, then make use of them! The smaller the outdoor space and the higher the walls, the lighter they should be painted. Consider salvaging some old mirrors and sticking them on the walls to add the illusion of more space. Wall cratesmounted plant pots are great too – try nailing something like painted tin cans to the wall. Rails can be ugly, but they offer a great space to put things on and hang things off. Instead of a window basket,  you can now buy rail-top baskets. Furthermore, there are any number of accessories for the sides of railings. these include folding tables, wine bottle holders, chairs, lights, candle holders and plant pots. Choosing the right one of these can improve your outdoor space dramatically.


The smaller the outdoor space, the more important your furniture selection is. For a small balcony, folding furniture is essential. Folding tables on rails, alongside folding chairs  can create a small dining/sitting area that maximises the space available by allowing it to be used for other things when folded away. For larger spaces, consider finding some old crates and buying some outdoor cushions. These can work as chairs then easily be flipped to become a table when needed. For the elusive roof garden, consider creating two spaces, one with a relaxed lounge feel and another for dining. By sectioning the space it creates the idea that the area is larger than it is.

Other Tips

Lighting: for a small balcony or patio, cover the area in globe fairy lights, bringing a warm low-level light to the area. For larger spaces, the same can be done with the addition of wall mounted lights or candle holders.

Plants: Look for interesting ways to fit them into the space, e.g. stacking pots on top of each other or hanging pots from the roof. Look for easy to maintain plants with a simple colour scheme to draw the area together.


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