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Positive News for Contractors Asking ‘How do I Get More work?’ as Home Improvement Market Continues to Grow

Industry Insight October 7th, 2014
Positive News for Contractors Asking ‘How do I Get More work?’ as Home Improvement Market Continues to Grow

A recent study commissioned by the Travis Perkins Group has highlighted that homeowners now often look to professional tradesmen to complete larger, more complex home improvements, rather than trying to tackle the project by themselves. This is great news for the construction industry, as it means more trust is put into the professionals, providing them with more work.

The main no-go DIY areas for homeowners include re-wiring, bathroom installations and plastering, with 80% of those surveyed saying they would hire a professional contractor for such jobs.

However, some homeowners are still keen on DIY, with 81% saying they would carry out internal painting themselves, and 62% happy to do external painting.

The results differed according to age group and geographical place. The younger generation (18-24 year olds) are the most likely to hire tradesmen for odd jobs, with 33% admitting that they would, opposed to 13% across all ages.

Northern Ireland are the most likely to get professionals in for smaller jobs (19%) and larger jobs (100% for rewiring, 95% for plumbing).

John Carter, Chief Executive at the Travis Perkins Group, said: “Thanks to growing consumer confidence, a much-improved housing market and the trend of ‘don’t move, improve’, the home improvement market continues to grow.

“For smaller, less technical, jobs, homeowners have the confidence and ability to go it alone, but where tradesmen add real value to the homeowner is with more specialist, high-skill tasks.

“It is in this space that the tradesman is sought after and where the work will be found in the current housing boom.”

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