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How to get your property let before Christmas

Private Rental November 6th, 2018
How to get your property let before Christmas

With Halloween over for another year, Christmas is just around the corner. For landlords, there’s now little over a month to get your property let if you want new tenants in before the festive season begins.

If you’re worried about having an empty rental over the Christmas period, then specialist Landlord Insurance provider Just Landlords has some top tips on getting your property let within the next month or so…

Target the right tenants

If you’re the landlord of student lets, or even young professional properties, then Christmas may not be the ideal time to put your rental on the market. However, if your property is suitable for families, then you should be looking to target new tenants now.

Families with children will often rush to get into a new rental home at this time of year, as they’ll be looking to get settled before the festive chaos begins. Landlords of larger properties will likely have an easy time of finding tenants before Christmas.

Set a competitive price

Ahead of Christmas shopping season, many of us tighten the purse strings (especially with just one pay cheque to go before the big day!). This means that tenants can often be more cautious with their budgets, and may completely write off a property that appears too expensive.

For this reason, you should take a look at other rents across the local market, and price your property competitively. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, parents with children often rush to sign on the dotted line at this time of year, so they may be willing to pay a bit more for their ideal home (so don’t price too cheap).

Conduct viewings at convenient times

The last thing you want to do is miss out on a reliable tenant by being unavailable for property viewings at times that suit them. If you manage your property yourself, then you can ensure that you are free to meet prospective tenants whenever they’re available. If you use a letting agent that is only open at certain times, you could offer to conduct evening or weekend appointments.

During autumn, property viewings may have to be completed in the dark (since it’s now pitch black by 6pm!). Just Landlords has a helpful guide for property managers on keeping yourself safe  during these visits.

Focus the décor on the season

If you’re trying to let your property quickly, then it’s important that it stands out from other rentals on the market. And a lot can be achieved by focusing the décor of the home on the appropriate season. For this time of year, this means that your property should appear cosy and warm when guests step inside.

Remember that prospective tenants want to feel like they can make your property a home, so don’t over-personalise the space, but add seasonal accents that will help your rental stick in their minds – a good place to start is to add cushions on the sofa and a throw on the bed in the master bedroom.

Your property need not sit empty this festive season; follow these helpful tips to ensure a success let before the frantic Christmas countdown truly begins.

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