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Get your home ready for Christmas this December!

Industry Insight November 26th, 2016
Get your home ready for Christmas this December!

We can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Christmas lights have been switched on all over the country, Christmas adverts are on TV in abundance and the festive season is slowly but surely taking hold. Since it’s nearly December, why not check out Arthur’s quick and easy suggestions for getting your home ready for Christmas?!

1.Light up the front of your house!

Christmas lights are undeniably one of the best things about the festive season – and they certainly make driving around your local area during the holidays a bit more entertaining. But remember, Christmas lights don’t have to be tacky! Whilst coloured lights do shout “Christmas”, white twinkly lights are a lot more sophisticated and can still bring that festive feeling to your street without frustrating the neighbours. If you’re lucky enough to have a tree in your front garden why not try adorning it with lots of little sparkling fairy lights? If not, netted fairy lights or LED icicle lights across your front window will do the trick. If you fancy going that one step further, there are some beautiful outdoor LED standing reindeer lights available in shops this year, which would make your porch look magical!

2. Decorate the fireplace!

Give your living room that cosy wintery feeling it needs by decorating your mantlepiece. Until the Christmas tree goes up, the fireplace is usually the focal point of the room. So spice it up this December with some Christmas-scented candles and some dangling ball balls. If you’re not a fan of tinsel, perhaps some delicate filigree fairy lights will create the festive atmosphere you’re looking for. And if you fell like going all out, get the stockings hung up early! Because, why not?!

3. Food and alcohol storage space

We all know that the holiday season entails a LOT of eating, drinking and all-round indulgence. Having family and friends over, or hosting parties can be stressful to say the least. So, prepare early! Sort out all your kitchen cupboards, fridges and freezers, and make room for all the extra Christmassy supplies that you’re going to need to stock up on. If you’re not sure whether you’ve got enough fridge space, an idea could be to invest in a couple of cheaper mini-fridges for drinks only. A wine rack may also come in very useful during the festive season, and can be a great aesthetic addition to any kitchen. Get those bottles on display!

4. A wreath on your door!

A Christmas wreath is an absolute must! Whether you prefer a more traditional fir style wreath, or fancy experimenting with something a bit more modern and funky, there’s a whole range available in high street shops. But perhaps if you’ve got some spare time over the weekend, you could even attempt making your own… (there’s still a bit of time before the first Advent Sunday). Have a look at Good Housekeeping’s 55 DIY wreaths to give you some inspiration and get your festive spirits flowing. Nothing is more inviting than a wreath on the door after a long day at work!

Keep warm this December and get your house looking fabulous for the Christmas season!

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