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Renting a property? Tips from a top London agent

Industry Insight May 14th, 2015
Renting a property? Tips from a top London agent

Renting a property in the city- what to think about?


“London’s charm is its diversity”

Areas fluctuate even from one road to the next. The advantage of renting a property is that you can capitalise on these microcosms in accordance to your needs, and adjust when your needs change.

Families would ideally look in residential areas that are reputed for being safe for children and are within close proximity to a doctor’s surgery, school, parks and other amenities. Good transport links are also ideal for families, but they are not quite as fundamental as for those commuting. Therefore, corporate clients are advised to focus on accessibility and convenience when choosing a property. Once a suitable location has been found the atmosphere in the local shops, restaurants and bars will undoubtedly determine the final decision.

Once the property is selected, there are more things to consider:

If a property has been on the market for a long time this normally indicates that it is overpriced. Utilise this opportunity; the landlord is probably going to be more willing to negotiate if their property has been sitting vacant.

Furthermore, always have a professional inventory taken as this will help protect your deposit when you move out of the property. It is also helpful to consider if the landlord self-manages the property or if there is a management team, and if so where they are situated.

If the property is poorly managed leaks and malfunctioning buzzers may take months of hassle to repair. Some blocks offer porterage services and 24-hour reception desks that can provide cleaners and maintenance staff. For someone busy these types of serviced properties are ideal.

Finally, it would be useful to consider whether the property is offered furnished or unfurnished and if the furniture is suitable for children. Likewise, details such as the tenant’s rights to hang pictures and change curtains should be discussed. For families it is always good to have flexibility over renewing the lease in case children are settled at nearby schools or mid-exams.

Similarly, companies may want the option of renting the property long term if it’s right for employees. On the other hand, however, a business release clause should be agreed in case companies suddenly post tenants outside of London. Although, here’s hoping that they don’t, as there is no better place to renting a property than in London, which really does cater for all needs. So as one move from a young professional to a parent of four children, the city evolves with you.

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