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Rising Profits for Suppliers Shows Potential of More Work for Contractors

Industry Insight July 24th, 2014
Rising Profits for Suppliers Shows Potential of More Work for Contractors

Two large UK suppliers, United Carpets and Howden Joinery Group PLC, have announced a rise in their profits. This shows that more people are looking to undertake home improvements, which should mean that contractors can get more work.

United Carpets, who have 57 stores across the UK and are based in Rotheram, made a pre-tax profit of £937,000 in the 12 months leading up to 31 March 2014. This figure is an increase on last year’s profits.

Paul Eyre, the Chief Executive of the company, said, “We are pleased to be announcing a good uplift in profitability, helped by an increase in like for like sales as consumer confidence increases slightly, and the housing market also improves.”

Howden Joinery’s profits are also up, with a 37.5% rise in their first-half profit. The figure rose from £41.6 million last year up to £57.2 million this year.

The company sells kitchens and joinery products to kitchen shops, who in turn install them for landlords, local authorities, housing trusts and developers.

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