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Contractors Look to Get More Work Through Building Affordable Housing in the Countryside

Social Housing July 1st, 2014
Contractors Look to Get More Work Through Building Affordable Housing in the Countryside

Yesterday marked the start of Rural Housing Week 2014, a series of events organised by the National Housing Federation happening across the UK that will last until 6th July.

The aim of Rural Housing Week is to show the importance of building new affordable houses in rural areas, which have been experiencing a housing crisis due to workers and families being priced out, the increase of second homes and an ageing population.

The NHF organised a campaign called Yes To Homes to support the building of more affordable homes across the UK – even in urban areas. However, through Rural Housing Week they want to demonstrate the necessity of new housing in rural areas, and how vital it is to build more affordable houses in towns, villages and the countryside.

Contractors, therefore, – both individuals and organisations – are called to join Rural Housing Week and support the cause of building affordable housing, as it would mean more work for them and a solution for the housing crisis that the country is currently experiencing.

However, working both in the countryside and in urban areas could represent quite a challenge for contractors, who have to be organised and ready to handle a large and varied workload.

Luckily for them, Arthur is here to help. Not only does our online property management software help contractors get more work, but it also releases them from all the stress of communication and organisational issues.

It will take them only a click on their smartphones or computers to find and accept work – Arthur will take care of everything else and they will be free to get their work done and focus on the things that really matter, such as Rural Housing Week 2014.

If you are a contractor, tradesman or woman that wants more work. Arthur can help you. Register today and get your first six months for free!

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