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Do your tenants trust you to provide stable housing?

Social Housing August 14th, 2017
Do your tenants trust you to provide stable housing?

Arthur investigates the struggle many social housing providers have when trying to get their tenants to trust them.

Social housing providers can truly lay claim to the title of having the most diverse base of tenants in the property sector. Unfortunately for them, this brings up it’s own issues. One group that housing associations often provide for is people that have, in the past, had bad experiences when it comes to living in rented property. This could have been due to a bad landlord, evictions or even just a lack of security as to how long they were renting for. For this group, it can often be a difficult path to return to trusting their provider, even if they are supplied with stable housing.

A big part of having a good tenant relationship for any property manager, be it private/social, is transparency. If everything is above board and clearly presented to the tenant, they are far more likely to believe you provide strong, stable housing to them which will maintain a good relationship  and, therefore, make them better tenants. From a tenants perspective, it can often feel like you are being left out or ignored when it comes to things such as fixing issues; whilst everyone understands that it takes time to do things, if you don’t know what’s happening it seems like nothing is happening. To prevent this, you should have some form of system in place that tracks all the actions that affect the tenant.

Using Arthur, you create a worklog of every action that happens. These events can be shared with the tenant so they know what is going on when and what steps you are taking to fix their problem. Furthermore, through the system you can easily converse with your tenants. Accessibility as a property manager is key when dealing with tenants that have had bad experiences in the past. However, having your phone going off continuously is no good for anyone. Therefore, the ability to text, message and email through the software solves a problem for you and your tenant.


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