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Social housing green paper: empowering social tenants

Social Housing August 14th, 2018
Social housing green paper: empowering social tenants

Arthur Online investigates the key points of the Social Housing green paper, published on the 14th August 2018.

In September last year, then-communities secretary Sajid Javid said the government would produce the Green Paper as soon as possible in the wake of the Grenfell blaze, which killed 72 people.

The long-awaited social housing green paper has finally been published on the 14th August 2018, and it mainly aims to:

  • re-balance the relationship between landlords and residents
  • tackle stigma and ensure social housing can act as a stable base that supports people when they need it
  • support social mobility

Current rules state that potential owners must be able to pay 10% of the value of their home upfront, preventing many tenants from stepping on the housing ladder. The proposal includes new reforms that will empower social residents to progress into home ownership, such as allowing them to purchase as little as 1% of their property each year through the government’s shared ownership programme.

The paper also pledges to implement a “tougher” Regulator of Social Housing, by focusing more on consumers and drive up standards in social housing. This implies giving social tenants a greater voice, empowering residents to hold their landlords to account by speeding up the complaints process and publishing league tables to highlight the bad performance of landlords, ensuring social home are well managed.

Furthermore, the green paper will aim to start a national discussion to collect views on how to improve social housing around 5 core themes that include safety and increase delivery. The discussion paper invites social residents to submit their views on proposals for the future of social housing and will run until 6 November 2018.

Secretary of State for Communities, Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, said that in line with the government’s commitment to deliver 300,000 home per year by the mid-2020s, the government has announced a £1.67bn plan to support the building of new affordable homes and social housing in areas that need it most.

Social housing software

After the Grenfell Tower disaster and in light of the upcoming regulators of social housing, it has become very important for social landlords to put consumer satisfaction as their top priority. Arthur Online software offers a connected asset and property management solution, allowing for greater information sharing, a streamlined experience and transparent communication which is key to running a successful operation and drive up tenant satisfaction. The solution is to deliver a software that brings all the stakeholders together on a single platform, which is flexible, allowing it to handle all types of property.

This involves sharing the management of workflows, associated documents including contracts, communication and financials. By using a social housing management software, a company can reduce the amount of people needed to manage administrative tasks and instead allow them to concentrate on keeping tenants happy.

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