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Social Media is becoming a Top Tool for Tradesmen across the UK

Industry Insight July 31st, 2014
Social Media is becoming a Top Tool for Tradesmen across the UK

Recent research has revealed that 48% of tradesmen are winning new business through the use of their social media channels. Such channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest.

The tradesmen surveyed said that they used social media as a free way to reach out to more customers and increase their brand awareness. Most importantly, 8/10 of those questioned use the channels as a way of getting more work.
Arthur has the same motive behind its software–designed to get contractors and tradesmen more work, it puts them in direct and easy contact with property professionals across the UK, all of whom are actively searching for experts to do work on their portfolio.

The social media boom has been sparked by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK’s study earlier this year. The study’s results revealed that 80% of consumers are more inclined to buy because of a brand’s presence on social media.

John Mewett, marketing director at Screwfix, said: “Technology is empowering consumers. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are today’s equivalent of the telephone directory – members of the public are now more likely than ever to go online to find and research local tradesmen in their area.</p<

“As tradesmen increase the amount of business tasks and transactions they undertake online, social media should be seriously considered as a cost-effective way to market themselves to more and more customers.”

Mr Mewett added: “We know tradesmen are increasingly using smartphones and laptops during the working day to communicate with colleagues and clients as well as speeding-up the purchasing of essential products and tools.

As tradesmen up and down the country make the smart decision and embrace new technology, now is the time for others to follow suit.

Advertising is difficult to secure for free these days, but here at Arthur, we are offering contractors 6 months of FREE advertising on our software. You will be put easily and directly in touch with property experts looking to employ experts to undertake work on their property.


Sit back and let the work find you.


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