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Solar Panel Project in Warrington Given the Go-Ahead

Industry Insight July 17th, 2014
Solar Panel Project in Warrington Given the Go-Ahead

Warrington Borough Council has approved a £5.25 million investment to provide 1500 properties with solar panels. This is good news for contractors from the area that will be needed to install them.

The project is being run in partnership with Golden Gates Housing Trust, and the installations could save occupants up to £233 a year on their energy bills.

“The council will receive income, which will fund the scheme. It will also provide local employment and training, with four electrical apprentices, two tenant liaison officers and additional related job opportunities expected” said Russ Bowden, Warrington council’s executive board member for corporate resources and assignments.

The project can only go ahead because of its self-financing, due to the Government’s tight cuts on spending. Councils must invest in projects like this to help provide their local contractors with more work.

Many towns and cities across the UK are in desperate need of regeneration and improvement, and with contractors ready and waiting to work, hopefully we will see more councils following Warrington’s lead.

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