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Good Tenant Management Will Prevent Problems

Industry Insight July 17th, 2015
Good Tenant Management Will Prevent Problems

Tenant problems? Here are Arthur’s own 5 ways to help resolve conflicts and provide solutions using tenant management techniques.

1) Choose tenants carefully

This approach can help save a great amount of aggravation in the future. It may seem rather obvious, but it can often be surprising that many landlords do not totally screen their tenants before letting their property out to them. Look out for key indicators for good and bad tenants, such as credit rating, employment status, and references. More often than not if a tenant has one or more poor indicators, then they may well become a future problem.

2) Get covered by insurance

There are various landlord insurance schemes which provide adequate cover for rental properties. Insurance can cover the cost of tenant damage to the property (if proven) and also provide cover for lost rental payments from the tenants. Some policies can even help landlords meet legal expenses if legal action becomes a necessary step against tenants.

3) Create an Inventory

Creating a proper inventory which contains the condition and content of the property before the tenancy begins. This can be done yourself or through an independent party. It is also useful to take dated pictures of the property and its content as proof, if needed in legal disputes at a later date.

4) Stay calm and remember to treat it as business, not personal

Whilst problem tenants can create extreme amounts of stress for landlords, losing your cool can create further problems. Always maintain communication with tenants that is clear and appropriate but, importantly, not rude or condescending.

5) Know your legal limitations

Do not let frustration take over and contribute to your own mistakes, which could strengthen the problem tenants’ case in the face of legal action. Landlords do not have the legal right to simply expel tenants at their own discretion – this includes changing locks or removing tenants’ possessions. Nor can landlords turn up at the property unannounced; there must be prior notice to tenants which must be based upon fair reason. Seek advice before taking any actions against tenants.

How Arthur can assist landlords with their tenant management?

Arthur can provide definitive inventories that can be uploaded for each individual property in order to make sure tenants have a clear understanding of the condition and content of the property. Arthur can also help provide a clear stream of communication between both parties in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

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