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UK’s Most Expensive Places to Hire Contractors

Industry Insight August 22nd, 2014
UK’s Most Expensive Places to Hire Contractors

Hiring tradesmen to carry out repairs or improvements to your property can often be a costly affair that we’d rather avoid. But the cost of hiring plumbers, electricians, decorators and so on, can vary hugely depending on where you live in the country.

A survey carried out by the Post Office Financial Services revealed that the most expensive place in the UK to hire a contractor is Bristol. The survey was conducted in such a way that 144 tradesmen were asked to quote for a typical maintenance job for an average UK two-bedroom, semi detached house. The quotes from all around the country were then compared with Bristol coming out on top.

Tradesmen in the South West were found to be charging the most, with the average cost of a job by a plumber, electrician, or plasterer and tiler coming in at £1,138. Second to Bristol and one of the most expensive places to hire a tradesman was Birmingham, which also found that the average job would cost someone over £1000.

The price of a tradesman in Bristol was over twice that of a tradesman in Belfast, which was found to be the cheapest place in the UK to hire a contractor, at a price of £557 per job. London was revealed to be the fifth most expensive out of the 12 cities surveyed, perhaps with the sheer supply of contractors putting a downward pressure on prices.

Nick Kennett, director of financial services at the Post Office, said: “We found it really interesting to see the huge disparity in cost of hiring professional tradesmen across the UK.

He added, “The findings put a spotlight on the financial challenges homeowners in different parts of the country face when repairing or renovating their properties.”

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