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Version 3.0.5

Software Updates August 21st, 2017
Version 3.0.5

As we continue to improve our user interface and user experience, we have recently released some new upgrades to the Arthur system. These upgrades are part of our interface overhaul, which we are integrating slowly. You may have already noticed a few of them, but here is a run down of the key changes.

Now, when you enter Arthur you are welcomed by an easy breakdown of your agenda for the next two days, whilst still being able to check your month ahead. This gives you easy access to when rents are due, what tasks must be done today and any viewings that are occurring.

You can now easily undo a remittance to a property owner and a tenant in Arthur. If you make a mistake when remitting, you can undo it at the press of a button, sparing any embarrassment.

Track Documents
You can now follow how and when your e-sign documents are delivered opened and signed. This allows you to check the progress of your document and chase up the correct person.

Texting in Arthur
You can now send SMS messages from within a property, unit and tenancy rather than from an individual screen, saving you time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Arthur team!

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