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Version 3.0.6

Software Updates September 21st, 2017
Version 3.0.6

As we continue to implement our interface overhaul, which we are integrating slowly, you many have noticed a few key changes to Arthur.

Every single functionality change that is made in Arthur has been a direct request from a user. This is another example of how we listen to you, the customer, to try and make your life easier. A major request was an improvement to our reporting system, therefore we have provided a brand new software allowing you to implement advanced reporting.


Reporting has just got a lot better in Arthur! With new powerful software, ‘advanced reporting’ is now part of the Arthur system. These reports have a greater ability to be customised; you are now able to fully bespoke the appearance of them. Furthermore, the depth of what a report can contain is now far greater, with almost all of the information on Arthur now able to be reported on with more conditions – including times and dates. Some templates have been pre-uploaded to Arthur, but if you feel you are missing one please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.


The agenda is a key function, when you open Arthur it is the first thing Your agenda can now be sorted by the type of event that is happening that day. Furthermore, you now have the ability for in-window scrolling for the agenda. This means you can still see the other information located on the dashboard whilst scrolling through your agenda.


The most noticeable visual change has come to your Calendar section at dashboard level. Tasks of the same type are now aggregated together, meaning each day remains the same size and you can easily see how many of -with an pop-up expanded view easily available at the click of a button.

We have also increased the amount of conditions in normal reports and completed some minor bug fixes.


The next few releases will see significant upgrades to/introduction of:

  • Reminders
    • Unlike events, these can be used for things such as reminding your tenant to take bins out
  • Onboarding a tenant
    • New processes will allow the tenant to enter the system a stage before at ‘applicant’ level through portals such as RightMove and Zoopla
  • Applicant matching
    • Arthur will automatically match a tenants needs to your rooms available
  • Permissions for your team
    • Turn on and off what members of your team can see – if they only deal with viewings, that’s all they’ll be able to see
  • Improved ‘Add tenancy’ screen
    • The process is now far easier, meaning you can add a new tenant in no time at all
  • Automated Tasks and workorders
    • Changes to these windows will streamline your business and make your processes even more efficient


If you have any questions regarding the recent changes or what is coming next, feel free to contact the Arthur team!

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