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Version 2.0.2

Software Updates March 29th, 2016
Version 2.0.2

Dear customers,

Arthur has been busy updating the features to its property management software with some of the following features:


1/ Adding multiple accounts to handle separate and distinct portfolios:


2/ You can now access the multiple accounts from your mobile


3/ You can now transfer a Tenancy from one unit to another without starting again. This is particularly useful for HMO/Student and Guardian market where tenants often move rooms.


4/ You can now archive and restore your data which in turn will adjust your per unit price


5/ You can now create multiple tenant accounts. This is very useful if a tenant moves under a new tenancy or comes back at a later date you can now invite them under the same email and whilst having access to there current account they can switch to their old account for information such as documents.


6/ Tenants can now upload photos when reporting a maintenance issue.


7/ Contractors can now upload photos when reporting a maintenance issue.


8/ You can now set up recurring tasks, so they automatically appear on your agenda


9/ Rent due will now appear on your agenda


10/ You can now add more task types in order to produce a more detailed list to which you can filter within tasks. You can make these available to tenants when they are raising issues so they can correctly allocate the problem at the point of raising a task. We will be extending this to creating “Document types” and “Note types”. We will update you when done.


11/ You can now add a task type when adding a automated task to an event. This is useful if you want to pre-label the task type at the point Arthur creates an automated action for you. Work will follow so that you can pre-assign an automated tasks at the point of creating it. We will keep you posted.


12/ Adding a task at property or unit level whilst allowing all tenants to follow the progress. This is very useful if you are doing something at property level or unit level that is not tenancy related, and allowing all tenants to track it in track issues. This is very useful for blocks,HMO/Students where the rooms or flats are individually let on separate tenancies but you want everyone to see the progress of a task. We will be improving this area further over the coming weeks to include a tenants raising an issue that needs to be shared with all other tenants attached to separate tenancies. We will update you in due course.


13/ Reopen a closed work order. Once you have signed off a work order you can now reopen it. This is useful if a job by a contractor fails and you want the original work order re done rather than create another.



At the end of each month we will update you by email, but you can view updates as they are applied at:

Best regards


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