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Version 3.0.3

Software Updates July 21st, 2017
Version 3.0.3

As a result of a round of funding, Arthur has spent a significant amount developing our software to improve the functionality and appearance of our system.

From the 26th of July, these changes are going to be slowly introduced. Initially, we are introducing changes to the messaging system, integration with Signable and the dashboard. By the end of October, the revamping shall be complete. Here is a preview of some updates that are to come;


As mentioned, the first round of changes implemented involve an update to our dashboard. As you can see, our whole dashboard is now more streamlined. As a property manager, you can see all your crucial information at a glance including your rent received, rent due, available units etc in a cleaner manner.


Changes have also been implemented into the calendar; now presenting tenancy, tasks, viewing, certificates, notices and recurring charges in a colour coded fashion allowing the property manager to better structure their time.

Property Details

Further changes can be seen with regards to the property details screen; for one, the general aesthetic is easier to use and now appears far cleaner. Significantly, however, we have added the ability to add property images which will allow further integration in the future.


The same could be said of updates to our financials screen; a similar improvement in aesthetic has been coupled by an increase in functionality. The most significant increase in functionality is the ability to integrate with Quickbooks. Now, as an Arthur user you have the choice of two powerful accounting softwares.


By the end of October, all these changes will be in place. We hope you, our loyal customers, will appreciate these changes and we can continue to exceed your property needs.



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