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Version 2.0.0

Software Updates January 27th, 2014
  • Subscriptions – By popular demand we have changed our pricing model from number of tenancies per month to number of active units per month. We have now also introduced a new fixed rate pricing tariff (payable monthly or annually) which is more appropriate to for many customers. “Manage Subscription” can be found in your account menu.
  • Rent reconciliation – The ability to now tick off or part pay rent charges which can be automatically generated by Arthur. Existing Tenancies can be set to have Automatic rent collection enabled (in edit tenancy).
  • Tenancy Statement & Overdue Rent emails – You will notice a new option called ‘Statement’ within the tenancy section where you can view tenant payment history and produce 7, 14, and 21 day overdue rent emails.
  • Archive my data – Found in your account menu. This will allow you to take backups of your Arthur data onto your local drive or memory stick.
  • Import Data option – Found in your account menu. This will allow you to import your Tenancies, Property Owners and property information directly into Arthur via csv format. Before using this option you may want to contact us on 020 7112 4860.
  • Activity Log – You will see greatly improved activity logs against tenancies, properties, units, tasks and workorders which are more detailed and easier to understand.
  • General bug fixes and other minor improvements

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