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Version 3.0.4

Software Updates July 25th, 2017
Version 3.0.4

Interface Improvements
The big ‘changer’ this week is the dashboard. Several changes have been made including an upgrade to the info-graphics which show tenancy and unit status’, as well as pending tasks and workorders. There have also been subtle changes to other areas of Arthur.

Arthur Messaging
Arthur offers 3 modes to communicate: SMS, email and in app notifications. We now give you the ability to send both email and SMS messages together, halfing the chances of your tenant missing your messages! Furthermore, SMS messages are now available within our automated events section.

Signable Integration
Our integration with e-signing platform signable is now even more powerful. You can now change the order in which a document has to be signed; putting guarantors after tenants, getting the owner to sign last, whatever order you want, you can do!

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