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Arthur Roadmap 2017

Software Updates May 30th, 2017
Arthur Roadmap 2017

Great news to report for 2017 developments

We are really excited to announce that we have just raised £1m enabling us to double our development team and ‘supercharge’ our output!

All your customer suggestions (well the good ones…) have been taken on board and  you will now see big and essential changes coming down the line.  The emphasis is on usability and to accommodate the changing market.


New User interface

Over the coming months you will see a far more intuitive user interface that will make Arthur easier to use and offer greater functionality with less clicks.  This will start on the web version and then extend to the mobile. In short, with the new interface, you should be able to on-board staff with no or very little training.

Intuitive Dashboard offering immediate KPI’s on mobile

Many customers have asked us to produce a simple one stop dashboard on the mobile. Now you will be able to immediately see what needs doing and how your rent roll is performing the moment you login.

Add tenancy Screen

This is the big one….

We have created a dynamic “add tenancy screen” . Over the last year our customers have entered everything from Airbnb short let rentals, through residential, up to difficult commercial lets with service charges. We are completely revamping the ‘Add tenancy’ function so that it is simple, relevant and completely configurable to any tenancy type. This change will future proof Arthur and it will make the entire process of adding a tenancy a single step, instead of the 3 or 4 it currently is.

Invite your prospective tenants to Arthur

Arthur`s tenant journey will now start with the prospective tenancy being invited to your account coupled with an on line application form which will open within the application.


We are introducing permissions that will allow the administrator to allocate properties, units, tenancies and financials to specific users.

Personalised tenant and owner apps

Users will be able to opt for personalised tenant and owner apps to compliment their business needs.

Tenants will be able to pay rent via Arthur

We will be introducing the ability for tenants to pay rent via the application.

Pricing Tariffs

We will be introducing pricing tariffs rather like mobile ‘phone companies where you can select a subscription rate and various add-ons such as text, referencing, SMS and support bundles that is appropriate to your business.

Integration to Quickbooks

We expect to have QuickBooks integration completed by Q4 2017

Integration to the Zapier platform

This will allow users to integrate Arthur with an array of different applications.

Further integrations

We are building integrations to:-

  • Portals
  • Tenant Referencing
  • Tenant Inventory
  • GoCardless Rent Collections

For further information please contact us on (+44 ) 20 7112 4860


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