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Version 3.0.0

Software Updates March 31st, 2016
Version 3.0.0

Here are the latest features and updates to make your experience the best!

These are our quarter 1 updates of Arthur. All the improvements we are making to ensure Arthur works best for you!!!

28th March 2016- Reopening closed workorders

Once you have signed off a workorder you can now reopen it. This is useful if a job by a contractor fails and you want the original workorder re-done rather than create another. Such updates are essential for any property manager.

26th March 2016- Adding a task at property or unit level whilst allowing all tenants to follow the progress

This is very useful if you are doing something at property level or unit level that is not tenancy related, and allowing all tenants to track it in track issues. This is very useful for blocks and HMO/Students where the rooms or flats are individually let on separate tenancies but you want everyone to see the progress of a task.

26th March 2016- You can now add a task type when adding a automated task to an event

This is useful if you want to pre-label the task type at the point Arthur creates an automated action for you. Work will follow so that you can pre-assign an automated task at the point of creating it. We will keep you posted.

26th March 2016- Adding to the task types

You can now add more task types in-order to produce a more detailed list to which you can filter within tasks. You can make these available to tenants when they are raising issues so they can correctly allocate the problem at the point of raising a task. We will be extending this to creating “Document types” and “Note types”. We will update you when done.

26th March 2016- Rent due is now available on the agenda

Rent due is now available on your agenda. This will follow with automated events allowing you to send automatic rent reminder emails to the tenant.

26th March 2016- Creating recurring tasks

A useful feature for those that require tasks to be generated automatically with a set frequency

26th March 2016- Contractors can now upload an image to a job

Contractors can now upload a file from the job on the mobile app.

26th March 2016- Tenants can now upload photos on the app to accompany the issue

How to add a photo to the raised issue on the app. (Please refer to Mobile App heading under title)

26th March 2016- Tenants can now have multiple accounts

When a tenant starts a new Tenancy and you generate a new TE number, you can re invite your tenants and your tenants will be able to create a new account for this TE number while still accessing their old tenancy and all the associated information.

6th March 2016- Archiving and restoring updates

You can now archive properties, units or Tenancies and then restore later. This allows you to tidy up the amount of information on display. This will be very useful to agents that no longer manage properties or managers whose properties have changed from a multi let to a single let.

3rd March 2016- Transfer Tenancy button

Particularly useful for the HMO/Student/Guardian market where you need to move a tenancy and its occupants from one unit to another.

1st March 2016- Adding multiple guarantors per tenancy

A useful feature for student accommodation where a tenancy agreement has multiple guarantors.

1st March 2016- How to access the different accounts from your mobile app

You can now access multiple Arthur accounts from your mobile phone. This is very useful while on the go. Switching accounts is available to all user groups that have more than one account with Arthur. For example a tenant may have two accounts because they have two separate tenancies.

1st March 2016- Adding and removing additional Arthur accounts

You can now manage multiple Arthur accounts from a global screen. This is particularly useful for Landlords with multiple and separate portfolios or agents running separate large landlord accounts. Each account can be separately white labelled.

1st February 2016- Arthur’s Integration with Xero 

Taking Arthur to the next level. Arthur’s integration with Xero gives the product that extra edge with the Xero’s accounting capabilities. So now you can look at your portfolio and financials from one place with Arthur!!!!!


Keep a look out for our quarter 2 updates, they will hit you before you know it!


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