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Version 3.0.1

Software Updates June 30th, 2016
Version 3.0.1

Here are the latest features and updates to make your user experience the best it can be!

These are our quarter 2 updates. Take a look at what we have been doing to make Arthur work for you!


29th June 2016- Highlight important information with tagging updates

You can now apply tags all over Arthur and filter by them. This will help teams or individuals highlight something they want to know.

27th June 2016- How to set up Number of days in advance for when Arthur runs the actions around Expiring Tenancies 

By default we have set up Arthur to run the actions for a move out date and an expiring tenancy within 30 days. Should you want this changed you can now set these to match your business needs. This is useful for holiday lets.

23rd June 2016- Arthur can now push notifications to all user groups via automated events

You can now push notifications to the apps for your chosen actions.

12th June 2016- Update information in the task when a tenant is raising and tracking an issue

We are always trying to force tenants to provide more information to help you work out the issue with the task created.

12th June 2016- Assigning a task type and a person to an automatically generated action as well as assigning messages to a particular member of your team

You can now pre-assign your tasks with a task type and a person at the point of creating it automatically. Additionally you can now specify who receives emails with an action.

12 June 2016- Assigning a property manager/s to a unit and providing that information to the tenant

Once you assign a manager to a particular unit, your tenant will be able to view this person/s from their dashboard.

5th June 2016- Your contractor has done the job but not completed the workorder at his end

Many times, a contractors fails to push the button “job completed”. With Arthur’s latest updates you can now, as a property manager, “sign off ” the job on their behalf.

4th June 2016- Creating your own tenancy document/ contract

You can now create your own contract type for your tenancies.

4th June 2016- Improving automated events so that you can view, add, access , edit, delete actions more easily

The latest updates make it easier to see all actions associated within automated events.

15th April 2016- Changing the currency denomination

For our oversees clients you can now change the currency. Work to taxes will follow. We will keep you updated.

Keep a look out for our quarter 3 updates, they will hit you before you know it!


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