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Version 3.0.2

Software Updates September 22nd, 2016
Version 3.0.2

Here at Arthur, we’re committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our users. Here are the latest features and updates to make your user experience the best it can be!

Here are our quarter 3 updates!

21st September 2016- Clarity when adding a property

After listening to feedback from our users Arthur, we have by default removed the property option level to avoid any confusion when adding single unit properties.

1 September 2016- Personalising your Arthur account

At Arthur we want to give users an experience that is unique. The latest update gives you the opportunity to personalise your layout on Arthur with a variety of filters and columns, which allow you to customise your personal account.

21st August 2016- Message History

To further improve the user experience, property managers can now see all communications that occur in Arthur in one location, under the title of ‘messages’. This allows clients to ensure communications leave the system as expected. This function is looking to be further developed with the addition of a ‘read’ tool on all messages that are sent through the system.

15th August 2016- Knowledgebase

An in depth, step-by-step guide on everything you need to know about Arthur! The Knowledgebase provides you with you 24/7 assistance to keep you updated on all the latest features. With labelled and captioned screenshots, the Knowledge base articles simplify the process meaning each step can be followed easily. The ‘Getting Started’ page provides a comprehensive guide for new users and helps them to get set up correctly.

10 August 2016- Push Notifications 

This latest addition to Arthur invites user groups from our suite of applications to receive notifications on their devices. This enhances communication with all of your parties, which is essential so everyone is on the same page!

21st July 2016- Automated events updates

To make the automated events system as accessible as possible from whenever you require it, we have included the automated events in a tab on all areas of the website. This means it is no longer a necessity to go into settings in order to access this function making it as simple a possible.

17th July 2016- Adding a contractor 

To allow further flexibility and to use the service with increased efficiency, here at Arthur we now allow you to invite your contractors to other Arthur accounts without the contractor having to make another Arthur account. This makes the user experience of all parties that much simpler, without the hassle of yet another password!!!

5th July 2016- Adding a viewing

Updates that included an ‘assign to an individual’ option and ‘adding a source’ option. This now allows you to add a source for your enquiry and to specify the individual responsible for conducting the viewing.

Keep a look out for our Quarter 4 road map and blog, they will hit you before you know it!


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