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Version 3.0.0

Software Updates September 22nd, 2016
Version 3.0.0

What to look forward to!

With quarter 4 round the corner, the Arthur road map is just a little insight into what updates are coming soon.

Digital Signatories

Here at Arthur we are dedicated to providing you with even more functionality. The addition of a digital signatory function allows you to sign off any document you require. This provides you with the flexibility required by any property manager, to sign, receive or send documents that require a signature.

Amazon AWS

We are changing! By the end of quarter 4, Arthur plan to have moved our servers from Rackspace to Amazon cloud. This will provide all our Arthur products with greater speed and flexibility. With Amazon, Arthur has more opportunities than ever to evolve our products.

Interface Interrogation

As always at Arthur we are interrogating our user interface to make sure it is appealing to our client.

API Integration

Arthur is opening up its API so we are able to open up integration to third parties and avoid double entry. This follows on from our successful integration with Xero. For this quarter this will incorporate ‘Digital signatories.’

This will be updated towards the latter end of quarter 4 2016! Should you have any further questions or queries, contact us!


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