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Version 3.0.7

Software Updates November 1st, 2017
Version 3.0.7

Arthur is all about making your life easier, that’s why we try to make our  screens as simple to use as possible. Making sure your tenancies are added corrected is very important, so we started there!

New Add Tenancy screen

The new, dynamic add tenancy screen will save you time whenever you get a new tenant; it is now a one stage process to add all details, financial or personal. Follow a simple flow that will guide you through all the things you must set up each time. Different screens for different types of tenant make your life easier.

Tenant F.A.Q’s
There are questions that almost every single tenant will ask you when they move into a property. To save you even more time, we’ve added a new screen to the tenant’s dashboard – F.A.Q’s. This screen is designed to hold questions and answers to the sort of thing each tenant will ask – “What happens if I lose my keys?”, “When does the council collect the bins?” The information will sit there forever, making your life easier. You can add this under general information on your profile.

Message Detail Review
When sending a message, it is important to make sure that it’s going to the correct people. You now have the chance to review and confirm the details of the people you’re messaging: should they be getting the message? Is their mobile correct? Is their email correct? If it isn’t, you can edit their details before sending it across!

This release has also included even more improvements to our enhanced reporting system, making them look even better! Furthermore, we have improved our ability to handle commercial properties within the system.

If you have any questions regarding the recent changes or what is coming next, feel free to contact the Arthur team!

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