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Version 3.1.5

Software Updates April 14th, 2018
Version 3.1.5

As you may have noticed at the end of last week, we made some changes to the property, unit and tenancy screens. Namely, we moved some of the tabs around! On top of this, we have made improvements to our applicants section as well as a few other improvements.

Now, at the top of the screen when viewing the summary page, you have access to some important sections within each level. These include general information, notes and activity. By moving these tabs to the top, we are hoping to prevent some of the scrolling that was previously needed to access these areas.

software upgrades
You may have also noticed that the Unit Features section has seem a large redevelopment and is now known as Unit Information. This is due to our imminent integration with rightmove, Zoopla and StuRents. When these integrations are live, in the coming weeks, the property portals will take information for the listings from this page.

unit information
Areas relating to our upcoming integration with tenant referencing companies have also been released. This service is in its final stages of BETA testing and should also be live in the upcoming weeks. Once live, you will be able to send out for references from within the system.

tenant referencing
We have also greatly improved the applicant section within Arthur. Now, applicant records can be updated via the applicant form. Simply generate an applicant for a viewing and if it goes successfully, ask them to fill in our applicant form. The system will then update the applicant record in your system with the new information that has been entered via the form.

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Finally, for those of you that have integrated with one of our accounting partners, some of the areas that previously allowed you to sync have been removed. Areas allowing you to synchronise your systems can now be found via the Financials screen and also through the Store.

If you have any questions about these updates, please feel free to get in contact with a member of the Arthur team!

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