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Version 3.1.2

Software Updates February 6th, 2018
Version 3.1.2

We are excited to announce the launch of our new tenant app!

The new app has been completely redesigned.  Alongside a brand new user interface, we have introduced new features including:

  • Improved push notifications
  • Ability to add multiple images when raising issues
  • White labelling from your personalisation area in settings on Professional and Enterprise packages.  This means colours and your logo can be added to your tenants’ app.
  • Simplified statement area
  • General property information aka frequently asked questions

Tenants will need to download the new version of the app, now available on the App store for both Android and Apple users. The old version of the app will still be running and current tenants can remain using this if they wish.

New tenants who are invited from today will be directed to the new app.  For those tenants with the old app who wish to log on to the new app, they will need to delegate their current and download one of the following links:



See below for screenshots!


Favourite reports

Make sure you add your most frequently used reports to favourites so you can run them from your dashboard with one click!


Xero scheduled syncs

You are now able to automate the connection between Arthur and Xero. Scheduling your syncs to run at your preferred day/time will improve your efficiency and save a lot of time daily.

We recommend running the sync early morning between 4am – 8am!

Click here for more infromation

Recharging invoices raised through contractor app

This is an Arthur financial scenario where your Contractor has raised an invoice and you want to recharge an owner/tenant. Arthur now allows you to include mark-up invoices when recharging landlords.

Click here for more information

Ability to batch pay rent on rent reconciliation screen

The batch select function is finally available on your Rent Reconciliation screen, allowing you to reconcile multiple transactions with just one click!

Keep a look out for announcements on our new contractor app launch date coming soon!

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