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Update 3.2.3

Software Updates August 31st, 2018
Update 3.2.3

Here at Arthur Online we are always striving to improve your user experience.

This week we released a few additional features to different areas within the system!

Automated tenancy journey:

Arthur Online now allows you to automate the full transition from prospective tenant to past tenant without manual intervention.

To turn on this setting, go into ‘Tenancy Settings’ under ‘More’ at the top right of the ‘Tenancies’ page.

Send Email button in documents:

We have added a useful button within ‘Property’/’Unit’/’Tenancy’/’Documents’ that allows you to send multiple documents via email to any contacts within your account.

You will be able to select multiple recipients and add a note to your email.


Drag and drop images:

The drag and drop function has now been extended to ‘Tasks’ and ‘Workorders’. You are now able to drag and drop images from your drive directly into the ‘Task’/’Workorder’ images section.


New viewings + applicant filters:
This week we have released a brand new layout for the filters section on the ‘Viewings’ and ‘Applicants’ index page.



The new layout essentially allows you to filter your viewings/applicants more quickly and accurately, reducing the time spent on finding the information you need.

Keep an eye out for future announcements regarding training days, events and software updates!

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